About Us

Experienced, Trusted Commercial Construction

Amaazz Construction, a subsidiary of Amaazz Group, is a commercial construction company, led by accomplished construction professionals and backed by seasoned investors. Amaazz Construction has two divisions: Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical Construction focuses on ground up building construction and additions, while Horizontal focuses on infrastructure.

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Our Purpose

Amaazz Intent

At Amaazz construction, our company purpose is to build great projects that improve the lives of the people who use them. Whether it is a new building, or a newly refinished roadway, we’ll do our part to bring the best quality possible.

Amaazz Customers

Amaazz Construction is in business to serve and improve the operational efficiency of our customers’ business.

Amaazz Employees

Amaazz Construction’s employees are the most important part of our business. We make sure we give them the tools and training needed to excel in their positions. They are given a voice and a choice in their jobs. Our team collaborates on a daily basis to solve our clients’ challenges and deliver unrivaled value.

Our Core Values

The values most important to us at Amaazz Construction are:


Safety is always our No. 1 priority, in everything we do for everyone.


We provide only quality work.


We hold ourselves accountable, do what we say and strive to overdeliver on every project we undertake.

Our Company Connections

Though headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Amaazz works closely with our sister companies – SMC Construction in Florida and Phalen Steel Construction Company in Illinois – on the Vertical operations side.



Our Team

At Amaazz Construction, we’re deeply proud of the hard work that has gone into our company’s continued success. Read about the leadership team that keeps Amaazz Construction moving forward.

our team

To find out more about our company culture and commitment to excellence, contact Amaazz Construction today!

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