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Amaazz Construction takes a comprehensive and personalized approach to your construction project. Our design-build construction and management services ensure our clients have a smooth construction process and quality end-result every time.

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Construction Project Delivery Method

At Amaazz Construction, we offer two forms of project delivery. We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to every new project in order to diagnose the specific key issues and prescribe the right construction method. This will maximize efficiency in process and effectiveness in execution.

Design Build

Amaazz Construction’s preferred method of project delivery is Design-Build. This approach lets us collaborate with the client to construct a building that exceeds their expectations both in design and functionality.

Construction Industry Institute (CII) conducted a study of 351 projects in 37 states comparing the cost, schedule and quality performance of different delivery methods. As compared to hard bid contracting, their findings included:

Design-Build projects cost at least 6% less than hard bid contracting; the first cost is the final cost

Design-Build is at least 33% faster than hard bid contracting

Design-Build provides at least 10% better quality than hard bid contracting

Advantages of Design-Build

Amaazz Construction can manage the entire design, engineering and building of a project, from its initial conception to building occupancy. Some of the important characteristics of this approach are:

  • One contract – a single point of contact/responsibility
  • Architects and engineers work for Amaazz
  • Schedule time for completion is reduced by overlapping design and construction start
  • Experienced team members with expert knowledge of construction and design contribute to each phase of the project
  • Eliminates redundant effort, helping to keep expenses down
  • Offers the fastest delivery options
  • Most cost-effective
  • Prepare a well-defined scope, to which the owner agrees
  • Provide timely decisions

Construction Manager at Risk

In situations where an architect has already begun or nearly completed the design of the project, Construction Manager at Risk – also known as CM@Risk – is a good choice of contract method. Some of the key points related to this approach are:

  • Two contracts (architect and contractor)
  • Construction manager is selected based on qualifications and fees
  • General contractor assumes some of the construction risks
  • Offers transparency on costs, including subcontractor and supplier payments, as well as on procurement processes
  • Flexible pricing
  • Construction manager has subcontracts re-assigned to them
  • Possible to achieve bonding for the entire scope of work, including both contractor and subcontractors

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