Our Dedication to Employees’ Safety and Well-Being

Construction safety is integrated into our daily lives at Amaazz Construction. Safety is a commitment to our employees, customers, vendors and the general public that they will be back home at the end of the day: safe and sound.

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Our System of Safety Advocacy

All Amaazz employees have a responsibility to the safety of others – that includes clients, bidders, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, government officials, etc. All new employees of Amaazz Construction complete OHSA Construction Safety Training in their first month.

STOP Principle

Any employee who sees a safety violation or unsafe condition has the obligation to stop it and make people aware of the problem. As a consistently safe construction company, we encourage this practice as an important precaution.

Safety Program Development

We create a unique safety program for every new project we commence. Each safety program focuses on comprehensive job site analysis, identifying potential hazards, and prescribing ways to eliminate them. Project teams have daily conversations specific to the safety of the project and ways to mitigate the risk of jobsite injury.


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